Dates: 20 April ~ 20 May
Taurus Background

Career & Work

Taurus In Career & Work

Taurians are very hard working, sincere, and dedicated people. These characteristics of Taurus will help them achieve a lot in their career. They are slow and steady and will never leave their task or job incomplete. Once they start something, they will not stop until they have completed it and completed it successfully. If they know that they will not be able to succeed in something, they will not put their hands on it.

They have strong inborn leadership qualities, which helps them naturally to lead others. They are very inspiring and motivational colleagues one can have, always ready to help. Their virtues of patience, responsibility, determination, faithfulness and fighter attitude comes in handy to achieve their targets and do well in their professions. They are highly organized and efficient which makes them good in jobs related to administration, management and marketing. Their artistic and creative qualities will also make them good actors, musicians, painters, architects, designers, gardeners, decorators, photographers, teachers etc.

Having an inborn quality to lead will make them good entrepreneurs, managers, administers, bankers, finance analysts, politicians, government offices, etc. Other suitable career options for them are accountants, builders, real estate brokers, teachers, scientists, and auctioneer.


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