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Taurus Horoscope Today

Saturday: March 28, 2020

Your recent time crunch is finally starting to loosen up, and your calendar actually has some empty spots in it! Fill them up with a bunch of fun stuff before boring responsibilities come tumbling down on you. It's time to ask all your friends what's next on the good-time agenda. Get creative in these unusual times.

Taurus Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: March 29, 2020

Moving forward in your life is rewarding and exciting, but you do get a little bit older every day. And aging is aging. Your body may be suddenly revealing its vulnerabilities. First of all, don't panic! If you're feeling more aches or pains, don't ignore them. Taking care of any health concerns should be your top priority, whether that means making a doctor's appointment or ordering a sandwich on whole wheat bread instead of white. You could end up being better off than before.

Taurus Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: March 27, 2020

You're finally coming to a deeper understanding of a task that has been particularly challenging for you. You're getting a handle on things and feeling more empowered about what you need to do. This could be a wonderful day for you—your power is growing and it feels good. You're starting to think that you could pretty much overcome any obstacle that comes your way. And you know what? You're absolutely right.


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