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Taurus Horoscope Today

Monday: November 18, 2019

By today, you have pushed through the most confusing part of your little emotional obstacle course—and things are starting to look clearer and you are starting to feel much happier. Your place among your friends is secure, and you know just where you stand. Hold onto your rising optimism, because it will take you the rest of the way. The going is not going to be so rough anymore, and you are about to experience an extended period of peace, relaxation, and contentment.

Taurus Horoscope Tomorrow

Tuesday: November 19, 2019

A very shocking revelation won't be a surprise to you today, but it's not because you're jaded—it's because your intuitive powers are stronger than ever. You knew it all along, and are able to take the news in stride. Your intuition will be very powerful (and very useful) to you today, so when you get a sense that someone is lying or a sense that someone finds you quite intriguing, you can assume that you are correct! Move forward based on that assumption.

Taurus Horoscope Yesterday

Sunday: November 17, 2019

Get as involved as you can in upcoming social activities—as much as your schedule allows. Your charming personality plays a very valued role in your circle of friends, and things are just not the same when you are not around. They miss you and your funny remarks and want to find out what's been going on in your life. And you could use a dose of that wonderful, intense positive energy that hanging out with your favorite people always brings to your life.


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