Dates: 20 April ~ 20 May
Taurus Background


Taurus In Health

Taurus being the earth sign is good in preserving resources and energies. They have a strong physical build up. They like being healthy and do a lot of exercises to keep themselves fit. Taurus rules the throat and neck, including vocal chords, tonsils and neck. Thus these areas of the body are beneficial as well as problematic for them. They have a very good voice and sharp taste buds.

But they also have health related problems from these parts. Some of the common health problems are cold, cough, swore throat, swollen glands, neck pain and injuries around the neck. Their neck will always give them problems. Since they also rule the thyroid glands, they will have issues related to their weight. Also being ruled by the planet Venus impacts their throat, kidney and lumbar region.

Taurians are foodies. They love to eat spicy and oily foods which might cause health problems for them. They need to control their starch, fat and sugar level from putting on weight and facing certain health related problems. Fortunately they are not shy of physical activity which keeps diseases at bay for them. They know the value of health and take conscious effort to maintain them.


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