Dates: 20 April ~ 20 May
Taurus Background

In Love

Taurus in love

Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by the planet of love, the Venus, hence they are one of the most passionate lovers one can have. They are very sensible and practical people and this reflects in their love life as well. Love and relationships means a lot to them and they will value it a lot. Since they are materialistic they love to shower their loved ones with gifts and presents. They are very passionate about their needs and wants.

In their partners they seek loyalty, commitment, stability and originality. Truthfulness and honesty means a lot for them. They give the same to their partner and expect the same from them. They are very affectionate and will pamper their lovers with love, gifts, care and surprises. In matters of love they are old fashioned, sticking with one for a long time. They believe in long term commitments rather than short flings.

One bad thing about Taurus in love is their possessiveness and jealousy. They are very possessive about their partners and does not like them going out of their control. This might make their partner restrained and suffocated, when they realize that they are losing their individual freedom in the relationship. Hence it is advisable for a Taurus individual to keep their possessiveness in check, for a healthy relationship.


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