Dates: 20 April ~ 20 May
Taurus Background

Man Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Taurus Man

Taurus is one of the most masculine of all signs, thus they have a very strong physical built up and an equally sharp mind. Taurus men are very simple, honest and quiet who love to give surprises. They value trust and loyalty and have a very hard working nature. They value authority as long as they get to exercise it. They can be very good and motivational leaders, however it is difficult for them to accept someone else's authority or stay under someone's domination.

They are rational, stable and will give value to other people opinions and ideas. They plan everything beforehand for their future. They love an organized and secure life and work hard to achieve it. They are serious about their jobs and responsibilities and are highly reliable and dependent people. You can trust them with anything and they will never let you down. They like to stay clean, hygienic and physically fit. They are spiritual and are very good listeners. They are always there to hear you out.

They love food and indulgence. They are also self conscious and like looking good and stylish. They may not be very adventurous but likes to have fun. On the negative side they can be very possessive, jealous, and stubborn and can easily get angry. Their anger is very strong and will take time to calm down. But in a nutshell men belonging to Taurus sign are usually calm, friendly, helpful, creative and artistic. As a partner they are very helpful, accommodating, understanding and passionate.


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