Weekly Horoscope

The 23rd Week of 2020

Begins at: Monday: June 01 to Sunday: June 07

You’ll get the green light to confidently bring your creative impulses to your work on June 3 when the self-image-oriented sun and social Venus pair up in your second house of income. You’ll enjoy sharing your vision with colleagues and friends who can weigh in with helpful commentary that could bring you even closer to a financial win. 

And around June 5, the full moon and lunar eclipse falls in your eighth house of emotional bonds, sexual intimacy, and transformation. This could signal the end of the road on a relationship that’s no longer serving you. Meditate on the bonds and circumstances that bring you the most comfort now. Given that the eclipse squares off against go-getter Mars and mystical Neptune in your eleventh house of networking, consider the fact that groups and communities you’re a part of might come into question, as well. You’ll soon know how to proceed.  


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