Dates: 20 April ~ 20 May
Taurus Background

Woman Traits Personality & Characteristics

The Taurus woman

Taurus women are fun loving and jolly. She is intelligent, independent and fearless woman who lives her life according to her rules. She is very strong, both physically and emotionally and knows very well how to control her emotions. She can handle the toughest of situations all by herself and sometimes gets a bad temper. She is quite feminine and wants her partner to take good care of her. She can act like a kitten as well as a lioness at the same time. She allows her husband to take care of everything, until he fails.

After that she will promptly take over and handles the situation. They are very friendly people, but with only those who are not hypocrites but are simple and honest. They value honesty and truthfulness a lot, and will get mad if someone tries to tamper with it. And the people she hates, she will simply ignore them. Once you become her friend, the friendship will last a lifetime, unless you do not betray her. Once you are in her bad books, she will never forgive or forget.

Even though she is practical and intelligent, she doesn't like too much involvement in intellectual subjects. She becomes restless sometimes. She hates stuffs that are artificial and values originality. She loves nature and finds solace in its beauty. She loves things and places that are beautiful and pleasing. Anything that is ugly puts her off. She has a very classy taste for everything. She will never compromise on loyalty and honesty.

This is one area of life she is very particular about. She despises laziness and carelessness. She has immense patience and can survive in the toughest of situations. She is a real fighter. She loves caring and providing for the people she loves. She can be a great lover, a loyal friend and a caring mother.


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